MSP Solutions

NuQuest offers a complete and innovative suite of pre- and post-settlement solution services. Our expert team of registered nurses, workers’ compensation and liability claims adjusters, professional administrators and specialized legal counsel are ready to work with you to ensure your Medicare Secondary Payer (MSP) Compliance requirements are completely fulfilled to your greatest advantage – NuQuest delivers maximum savings.

MSA Solutions

NuQuest provides a wide array of MSA products that expedite the MSP compliance process. Our team of experts guide all interested parties through the MSA process and an array of settlement options allowing for significant cost reductions. Whether it’s a traditional MSA, Pre-MSA or our revolutionary e-MSASM, NuQuest delivers maximum savings.

Medical Cost Projections

The MCP with Free MSA for negotiation purposes provides a cost projection that apportions both Medicare allowable and non-Medicare allowable future injury-related medical costs. The cost projection is based on the recommendations made in the current medical records and includes current CMS trends. The Part-D drugs are allocated at the Average Wholesale Price (AWP) per CMS guidelines. The MCP for negotiation purposes, allows the claim’s handler to review the future exposure prior to going into settlement negotiations, obtain authority and settle the case. The Free MSA is provided upon request at no additional charge.

Conditional Payment Investigation and Negotiation

To properly comply with the MSP statute, addressing Conditional Payments should be an integral part of claims handling. Considering the issue early on in the claims process— as opposed to at the time of settlement or worse yet, after settlement— allows time to obtain the necessary information, identify and eliminate costly unrelated claims, and minimize both carrier and Medicare Conditional Payment exposure.

Medical Reserve Accounts

Medical Reserve Accounts reduce the cost and exposure associated with administering the medical component of these unresolved claims by transferring the medical claims processing away from the adjuster to Bridge Pointe.