NQBP Launches New Pre-MSA with Drug Regimen Review

NuQuest/Bridge Pointe (NQBP) and myMatrixx have teamed up to maximize MSA savings potential and minimize the risk of prolonged settlement negotiations!

This comprehensive solution identifies and optimizes opportunities to lower costs associated with both medical treatment and pharmacy utilization. The Pre-MSA with Drug Regimen Review (PMDR) combines a medical analysis and Drug Regimen Review to provide a unique and complete clinical evaluation of future injury-related drug and medical costs allowing you to control utilization and costs prior to CMS submission.

Since MSA guidelines, issued in June, 2009, indicated that CMS would independently price future prescription drug costs in Medicare Set-Asides (MSAs)— pharmacy utilization costs have increased significantly causing MSA settlement amounts to double or even triple— making it increasingly difficult to settle claims. 

To minimize the risk of prolonged settlement negotiations and expedite case closures— while mitigating costs— NuQuest/Bridge Pointe has developed a unique approach which allows insurers to gain control of injury-related drug utilization, medical treatment and other high costs associated with a MSA— early in the process. 

NuQuest/Bridge Pointe’s PMDR has realized a proven average savings of 72%— comprised of 84% savings in prescription drugs and 16% savings in medical treatment.

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