NuQuest Knowledge Series – Section 111: A Reporting Odyssey

Join us for our next out of this world NuQuest Knowledge Series when we explore the far reaches of Mandatory Insurer Reporting.

Due to the short presentation time of these subject specific webinars,
they are not eligible for continuing education credits.

March 16th – To ORM!  And Beyond!
We will explore when Ongoing Responsivity for Medicals (ORM) should be reported; when it should be terminated; and what can happen when you fail to terminate or report ORM timely.

March 23rd – TPOC: The Final Frontier
We will travel where few have traveled before and look at what TPOC includes and excludes; how and when should it be reported; and a walk through different TPOC scenarios.  

March 30th – Danger Will Reportingson!! – Errors and Mistakes  
A review of the difference between mistakes and errors; how each can impact reporting; and how they affect conditional lien recovery and potential penalties.  

April 6th – You are Now Entering the Penalty Zone 
A comprehensive overview of the proposed rule and the factors that can create a penalty situation.  

April 13th – The Force is with You
Becoming One with Section 111 Reporting Requirements
In this final segment of our Section 111 Knowledge Series we will be discussing ways to evaluate the health of your current Section 111 system; policies and procedures; and best practices to avoid potential penalties.   

If you see a topic whose date has already past that interests you, contact our Settlement Team and they can provide a link to the recorded version and seminar slides.