NuQuest Knowledge Series – Spring Cleaning

After a long (very long) Winter, it is time to tidy up and do a little Spring Cleaning. Our thoughts are drifting to warmer weather and what we hope will be a Summer of Fun. But, before we hit the beach, time to hang ten on a few MSP hot topics.

Due to the short presentation time of these subject specific webinars,
they are not eligible for continuing education credits.

May 4th – Rummaging Through the PAID Act
We will explore when Ongoing Responsivity for Medicals (ORM) should be reported; when it should be terminated; and what can happen when you fail to terminate or report ORM timely.

May 11th – Rearranging the Structure
Structured Settlement Annuities can be an effective tool in your settlement toolbox.  We will discuss key features, options and strategies when using structures in settlement.  And, will review what CMS has said about them – and a possible change in their approach.

May 18th – Cleaning Up Confusion – Post Settlement  
What if?  Once settlement has occurred and been reported to CMS – either after a submission and determination or after the parties have opted out of the voluntary submission process – what can CMS ‘do’ in the future?  

May 25th – Organizing Your Section 111 Best Practices
As we await the final rule regarding Civil Monetary Penalties in Section 111 Mandatory Insurer Reporting, now is the time to get organized and prepared for the upcoming rule.  We will provide a checklist of items to consider while establishing or revisiting your Section 111 practices.

June 1st – Downsizing – Mitigation Opportunities
Reducing your MSP exposure throughout the claim and during the settlement process.  We will examine all pieces of MSP compliance and consider options to potentially lower your overall exposure on the case.

If you see a topic whose date has already past that interests you, contact our Settlement Team and they can provide a link to the recorded version and seminar slides.