MSA Solutions

As an MSA industry leader for more than 20 years, NuQuest provides a wide array of customizable solutions to expedite the MSP compliance process and ensure that the MSA is accurate and complies with the Medicare Secondary Payer Act (MSP).

Our team of experienced professionals will guide you through the MSA process and offer a variety of settlement options, focused on driving cost and time savings. Whether using a traditional MSA,  e-MSA or Liability MSA, NuQuest ensures a seamless MSA process.

Advantages to using NuQuest for an MSA:

  • Medicare Compliance Professionals with tested compliance knowledge
  • Outstanding Customer Service
  • Superior Product Quality


  • Rapid Turn-Around Time
  • Longstanding Industry Relationships
  • Custom Solutions Available

Liability MSA (LMSA)

NuQuest is ahead of the curve when it comes to offering a Liability MSA (LMSA) product. Although CMS has established guidelines for the review of workers’ compensation Medicare Set‐Aside allocations,  it has not done so for liability cases.

NuQuest offers guidance to claimants for the self‐administration of the LMSA as well as providing a professional administration LMSA service. NuQuest’s NuShield Certified MSA program also provides for adequate protection of the Medicare Trust Fund and complies with the MSP statutes.


The e-MSA integrates NuQuest’s best-of-breed MSA with annuity and administration quotes provided simultaneously with the MSA, simplifying the settlement process for claims professionals. Annuity and administration quotes are provided at no additional cost and no obligation to engage the services of the annuity broker or professional administrator.

e-MSA Includes:

  • Medicare Set-Aside
  • Annuity Quote
  • Professional Administration Quote

MCP With Free MSA

Negotiate better with the MCP with Free MSA as it provides a cost projection that apportions both Medicare allowable and non-Medicare allowable future injury-related medical costs.

The cost projection is based on the recommendations made in the current medical records and includes current CMS trends. The Part D drugs are allocated at the Average Wholesale Price (AWP) per CMS guidelines. The MCP for negation purposes, allows the claims handler to review the future exposure prior to heading into settlement negotiations, obtain authority and settle the case. Plus, the free MSA is provided upon request.

The MCP with Free MSA for reserve purposes provides all medical costs associated with the injury per recommendations in the medical records. All medical and drug costs are calculated using the workers’ compensation fee schedule. Should the case position itself for settlement, a free MSA is provided upon request.


  • Resource for settlement negotiation
  • Assists in setting reserves
  • Facilitates settlement authority