Medical Cost Projections

Medical Cost Projection with Free MSA

The MCP with Free MSA for negotiation purposes provides a cost projection that apportions both Medicare allowable and non-Medicare allowable future injury-related medical costs.

The cost projection is based on the recommendations made in the current medical records and includes current CMS trends. The Part-D drugs are allocated at the Average Wholesale Price (AWP) per CMS guidelines.

Identify Future Exposures and Save Costs

When your firm needs accurate and reliable medical cost projection for negotiation purposes, NuQuest's solution allows the claim's handler to review the future exposure prior to going into settlement negotiations, obtain authority and settle the case.

NuQuest provides a Free MSA with medical cost projections which is delivered upon request at no additional charge.


  • Resource for settlement negotiations
  • Assists in setting reserves
  • Facilitate settlement authority

MCP For Reserving Purposes

The MCP with Free MSA for reserve purposes provides all the medical costs associated with the injury per recommendations in the medical records.

Should the case position itself for settlement, a Free MSA is provided upon request at no additional charge.

Use our medical cost projections for reserve setting or settlement negotiation.


Question about Medical Cost Projections?