MSA Certifications

Medicare Set Aside (MSA) Certification

Imagine an alternative solution to the CMS Medicare Review process that reduces time and cost.

NuShield is the original non-submit MSA product available to settlement recipients. The NuShield Certified MSA utilizes evidence-based medicine and standards of care methodology.

When properly administered, this one-of-a-kind non-submit option protects Medicare’s interest so the funds are properly administered. NuQuest stands behind our NuShield Certified MSA with an agreement to defend settling parties against claims by CMS that may arise post-settlement.

As with our other Medicate Set Asside options, the NuShield Certified MSA will cover the medical expenses for injuries being resolved in a settlement and a portion of the settlement funds are placed in a interest bearing account.  The account becomes the primary payer for the medical services.

Benefits to NuQuest MSA Certification

  • Resource for settlement negotiations
  • Assists in setting reserves
  • Facilitate settlement authority

Why use NuQuest for an MSA

  • Superior Quality
  • Consistent Turn-Around Time
  • Compliance Expertise
  • Longstanding Relationships


Question about NuShield Certified MSA?