MSA Certifications

Medicare Set Aside (MSA) Certification

Imagine an alternative solution to the CMS Medicare Review process that reduces time and cost.

A Medicare Set Aside (MSA) is a calculation of medical expenses allocated for life that would otherwise be paid for by Medicare.  The MSA will cover the medical expenses for injuries being resolved in a settlement.

A portion of the settlement funds are, based on the MSA calculated, are placed in a interest bearing account.  The account becomes the primary payer for the medical services.

Benefits to NuQuest MSA Certification

  • Resource for settlement negotiations
  • Assists in setting reserves
  • Facilitate settlement authority

Why use NuQuest for an MSA

  • Superior Quality
  • Consistent Turn-around Time
  • Compliance Expertise
  • Longstanding Relationships

medical cost projections (mcp)


Question about Medical Cost Projections?