Welcome to our innovative suite of Medicare Secondary Payer and claim solution products that put your data into action. Our NuQuantics system utilizes superior data intelligence to provide greater efficiencies and ease in the compliance and claims process. Helping our clients save time and money while improving outcomes in the MSP process is why we created NuQuantics. Providing superior, quality, forward-thinking solutions to meet your MSP compliance needs is what we continue to do.  

Section 111 Reporting

Federal laws and regulations require a carrier or self-insured entity to report certain claim information to  the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) when the claim involves a Medicare Beneficiary. This mandatory reporting requirement found in Section 111 of the Medicare, Medicaid, and SCHIP Extension Act of 2007 is commonly referred to as Section 111 Reporting.   Failure to report or properly report this information to CMS may result in significant penalties of over $1,000.00 per day/per claim.

NuQuantics  offers  an advanced Section 111 Reporting solution powered by NuQuest to meet your Section 111 Reporting obligations.  Why NuQuantics? NuQuest developed this  state-of-the-art  platform to comply with Section 111 reporting requirements, provide customers with customizable reports, and  to comprehensively reduce the risk and exposure for Section 111 non-compliance. The data analytics layered on top of the system creates an opportunity for customers to strategize and minimize the cost exposure for each claim.

How does it work?

NuQuantics connects directly to your claims system and collects the data points required to conduct Medicare queries and for Section 111 reporting. Alternatively, we can import your data in a variety of formats that fit your company’s requirements. Once the data points are collected, NuQuest will perform the required tasks needed to accurately and timely report ORM and TPOC events as required under the Section 111 Reporting requirements. NuQuantics will identify and correct errors and validate data before submission to Medicare to help ensure a compliant submission process .

Section 111 Systems Review

Our Section 111 review service and pricing options are flexible and can tailor to your specific Section 111 reporting systems' needs. 

Review and analysis of all or a sample set of claims will include some of the following:

  • Review of Ongoing Responsibility for Medicals (ORM) Reporting Dates
  • Review of Total Payment Obligation to Claimant (TPOC) Reporting Dates/Amounts
  • Review of Medicare Conditional Lien and Potential Saving Opportunities
  • Review of Diagnosis Codes Used for Reporting
  • Review of Settlement Documents and Pleadings For ORM/TPOC Amounts and Dates
  • Completion of Section 111 Review Report Summary/Conclusions/ Recommendations

Section 111 Consultation Services

In addition to the above Section 111 Systems Review, NuQuest can provide ongoing Section 111 support.  This includes reviewing claims with the claims professional to assist in identifying some of the following:

  • Diagnosis Codes for Reporting
  • TPOC Date
  • TPOC Amount
  • ORM Acceptance Date
  • ORM Termination Date
  • Medicare lien and Medicare Advantage Lien Identification, Savings and Satisfaction

Want to know more?

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