NuQuest/Bridge Pointe Cold Water Challenge

Since NuQuest/Bridge Pointe was founded in 2001, we have come across some amazing people, some of whom have either been personally affected by cancer or who have had someone they loved affected by this disease. The Kay Yow Foundation has come up with a pretty cool promotion to raise both funds and awareness in its mission to end women’s cancers. It’s called #Chillin4Charity, and participants are challenged to submerge themselves into teeth-chattering waters (and film it), and then challenge other colleagues and friends to do the same. The participants then make a donation to the charity, and those challenged either need to participate in the challenge – and, thus, make their own donation and then choose who they want to challenge – or decline and make an even larger donation.

NuQuest/Bridge Pointe is taking the cold water challenge, and we are challenging the insurance industry to join us in the fight against women’s cancers by supporting the Kay Yow Foundation! Kip Daniels, Sr. VP of Business Development, took the plunge to support the foundation. A special challenge goes out to the first person to post their cold water challenge video, and NuQuest/Bridge Pointe will match their donation up to $500.

So please join NuQuest/Bridge Pointe in its efforts to assist in fighting this deadly disease. To learn more or make a donation, you can visit the Kay Yow Foundation at #Chillin4Charity #NQBP

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