Xtampza ER® for Chronic Low Back Pain

In prior blogs, we have talked about the release of abuse-deterrent opioids Embeda® and Targiniq ER® (http://blog.nqbp.com/?p=790) and their potential impact in the workers’ compensation industry. Projected for release in the latter part of 2015, Xtampza ER® comes with an interesting FDA indication, which may have significant impact on claims.

Xtampza ER® (Oxycodone ER) capsules, manufactured by Collegium Pharmaceuticals, will be the first product manufactured with their proprietary DETERx® technology which will make it difficult to misuse or abuse the medication. In addition, Xtampza ER® users will be able to open the capsule and sprinkle the contents on soft foods or through a feeding tube if they have trouble swallowing (commonly known as dysphagia).

What makes Xtampza ER® unique is its FDA labeled indication in the treatment of chronic pain, including low back pain, for which a majority of its pre-approval studies were conducted. Although most users of this medication may be those with dysphagia, the question is will we see increased claims in workers’ compensation due to its indication and the relationship with chronic low back pain? As we have said many times, only time will tell, but it is certainly something to keep an eye on especially during the latter part of 2015.

As this product has not been released, no pricing is available at this time.

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