Join Us on April 25th, 2016! Conditional Payment Recovery Process Webinar with Rasa Fumagalli, J.D, MSCC

Join us on April 25th at 1:00 pm CST for a webinar Register here that will discuss the
current conditional payment recovery process. The webinar will outline the various changes
that came about as a result of the implementation of the Strengthening Medicare and
Repaying Taxpayers Act of 2012. These changes include the three-year Statute of
Limitations for conditional payment recovery, the establishment of recovery thresholds in
liability cases, a new direct right of appeal for applicable plans, as well as the ability to secure
final conditional payment information in certain settlements. We will also discuss the
partial transition of recovery work from the Benefits Coordination and Recovery Center
(BCRC) to the Commercial Recovery Center (CRC), as well as the initiation of conditional
payment recovery in claims with Ongoing Responsibility for Medicals. Given the impact of
these changes, it is important that all Medicare compliance programs account for them.
Rasa Fumagalli, J.D., MSCC