Settlement Services


NuQuest offers a complete and innovate suite of services to assist clients in the pre- and post-settlement process. Our settlement consulting team includes former attorneys who have practiced workers’ compensation, personal injury, and public benefits law; participated in mediations; and worked with defense and plaintiff’s counsel on Medicare/Medicaid issues. In addition, NuQuest's team includes registered nurses, workers’ compensation and liability claims adjusters, and professional administrators who work with our clients to ensure that all Medicare Secondary Payer (MSP) compliance requirements are completely fulfilled in a cost-effective, timely manner.


Our NuQuest settlement consulting team is available for consultation and support for all of your compliance needs. Our consultation services include the following:

  • Creating Medicare compliance policies and procedures based upon your unique needs
  • Settlement review projects to close old claims and those claims where medical remains open
  • Pre-MSA consultation on claim reduction strategies
  • Review and analysis of prior MSAs to address cost saving and compliance alternatives
  • Consultation with employers, self-insured employers, insurers, defense counsel and claimant’s counsel to answer NuShield MSA questions. We can also review NuQuest MSA products, to ensure they meet the compliance needs of your company
  • Settlement and mediation services to ensure all areas of Medicare compliance are addressed prior to, during and after claim resolution


An integral part of a successful Medicare compliance program is ensuring that all parties involved in the claims process know not only what Medicare compliance encompasses, but their role in the compliance this process. Because NuQuest knows the importance of understanding all pieces of the compliance puzzle we offer in-house and on-site training including the following:

Leadership training for self-insured employers/insurers/TPAs
Training of claims staff
Defense counsel training
Implementation training for Medicare compliance policies and procedures
Introductory Medicare compliance training for staff and new hires
Ongoing Medicare compliance updates and training
Compliance training for claims staff that includes CE insurance credits and CLE credits for counsel

For more information on NuQuest’s Settlement Consultant Services, call (866) 858-7161