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Phillips v. Kaiser Health Plan, Inc., et.al.

Phillips v. Kaiser Health Plan, Inc., et. al. No. C 11 – 02326 CRB 2011 WL 3047475 (N.D.Cal.July 25, 2011) This case involved a putative class action filed against Kaiser Health Plan, Inc. (Kaiser), a Medicare Advantage (MA) Plan, and other related MA entities.  The plaintiff alleged that (a) Kaiser was improperly and “illegally” demanding […]

Benson v. Sebelius

Benson v. Sebelius Civil Action No. 09-1931 (RMU), 2011 WL 1087254 (D. D.C. March 24, 2011) This case involved a wrongful death and survival action. The parties settled the claim for $90,000, with 80% of that amount allocated for the wrongful death settlement award and 20% allocated for the survival claim. Medicare issued a final […]

Bradley v. Sebelius

Bradley v. Sebelius 621 F.3d 1330 (11th Cir., Sept. 29, 2010) This case involved a wrongful death action filed under the Florida Wrongful Death Act for alleged nursing home neglect. The decedent (Mr. Burke) was survived by 10 children. One of his daughters (Cardonvella Bradley) was named personal representative of the estate. Bradley filed a […]

U.S. v. Harris

U.S. v. Harris No. 5:08 CV 102, 2009 WL 891931 (D. N.D. W. Va., March 26, 2009) This case arose from an incident in which Mr. Ritchea fell off a ladder. Mr. Richea hired Mr. Harris as his attorney to represent him on his personal injury claim. Mr. Harris filed an action against the ladder […]