“I look forward to another excellent experience with NuQuest.”

- Claims Professional

“I’ve really enjoyed working with your company and have had positive comments to others within my company who will be using NuQuest’s services.”

- Claims Professional

“I would like to send this email as an appreciation and recognition to the professionalism and excellent customer service that NuQuest provides. It is always a pleasure doing business with you. So thank you very much!”

- Workers' Compensation Insurance Tech

I am extremely grateful and impressed with the level of customer care and assistance that NuQuest provides.

- Claims Adjuster

“Wanted to let you know what a great job your company is doing with the MSA preparations and submissions.”

- Claims Professional

Dear NuQuest, “Thanks so much great job on getting it tuned around so fast!”

- Claims Adjuster

“I just wanted to send you an email to let you know how wonderful Lisa C. is. Even though she is no longer assigned to my MSAs, she is always quick to respond to my questions and provide me with answers and the documentation needed to provide to our legal team when they are going to court and need to argue our position. She has also helped me with letter templates to help me try and obtain the information that we need for some of the more difficult claims (no treatment in years etc), as well assisting me with all other issues starting with the projection and all of my questions about the projection.”

- Sr. Claims Representative

“I wanted to take this opportunity to let you know how great Daisy has been. She has been wonderful. She explained it to me very clearly and outlined all the options. I referred the file last week for a RUSH MSA and it is all thanks to Daisy who kept communicating with me and my defense attorney.”

- Workers’ Compensation Sr. Claims Specialist

“Our agency retains NuQuest for the majority of our interactions with Medicare. I have worked with Theresa on different cases over the last six years. She is professional, responsive and always willing to help resolve matters. Theresa oftentimes responds to very time-sensitive matters and helped me to meet important deadlines. She also does so in the most pleasant manner. Please know that I am very appreciative of Theresa’s efforts; she makes my job less stressful.”

- Attorney

“I just had to say how great your staff is.  They are so helpful.”

- Senior Resolution Manager

“I can’t tell you how much I appreciate you and your team! You guys have been so supportive of me and in my situation that means A LOT!”

- Medical Case Manager, MSA Specialist

“Everyone is great and gets right back to me. I really appreciate it.  Thank you again!”

- Senior Workers’ Compensation Adjuster

“Please let whoever Jul’s boss is know that she ROCKS!  Seriously, she is one of the if not the best person I work with.”

- Claims Manager

“This result is so incredibly amazing, and unexpected. Thank you so much for your expertise and assistance.”

- Senior Claims Adjuster

“NuQuest is the preferred vendor by this office – they are the more approachable, cooperative, and work with us. They have been successful in getting conditional payments reduced to zero dollars. Adjusters are so comfortable, they don’t want to “try” another vendor because NuQuest has been so successful for our office.  (“why change from what works?”)”

- Claims Manager

“Responsive, easy to work with. Their portal is very user friendly, allows up to upload meds, check status, etc. Nuquest is the clear vendor of choice.”

- Claims Manager

“NuQuest beats the rest. They are prompt and responsive. Recently, an attorney questioned NuShield, and NuQuest set up a phone conference and answered all of his questions.”

- Claims Manager

“I only use NuQuest. Working fine for me.”

- Claims Manager

“I have had only positive results with this NuQuest. The referral process is simple. Their responses for notification and completion are always timely.”

- Claims Manager