CRC Transition Delayed to 2/9/2018

As a follow up to the transition of the Commercial Recovery Center’s (CRC) operations to Performant Financial Corporation (Performant), NuQuest was recently advised that Performant’s operational start date has been delayed. Performant begins its operation of CRC 2/9/2018.

CGI Federal will continue to handle CRC’s operations until 2/8/2018. At that time, pending appeals will be transferred to Performant for handling. If there is a pending appeal prior to the transition, CRC’s 60-day response target timeframe still applies to the pending appeal. This means that if an appeal of initial determination is filed on 1/5/2018 and CRC did not provide a response prior to the transition, Performant still has a target response date of 3/6/2018.

As a part of the transition, NuQuest was advised that CRC will have new address, telephone, and fax numbers.  Once this new contact information is available, we will provide an update. An additional summary of this transition can be found here:

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